Here are the usual steps:

  1. Read through our website and decide if EduCARE fits your needs

  2. Our 5-unit curriculum is educational 

  3. Our curriculum does not substitute for therapy (if you think you might be suicidal or need immediate help, please contact a local therapist or hospital)

  4. Fill out the intake form - which is a questionnaire. This will help you sort through your experience and it will help us to decide which coach will be best for you.

  5. One of our coaches will contact you within two working days.

  6. As long as we have a spot available, we will schedule a coaching session right away to start the 5 units for free.

  7. Fill out additional paperwork: sign the confidentially agreement, which informs you of how we handle your private information

  8. Sign the waiver - which states that you acknowledge we do not provide therapy

  9. Begin talking with your coach (you can quit anytime)

  10. You can contact the program supervisor with additional questions or concerns at any time

  11. After completing the course, please fill out the survey and tell us what was helpful, what wasn't, and what you would like to see more of

  12. Feel free to stay in touch, read our blogs, take a free online class, listen to a podcast or follow EduCARE on social media.​